For four generations NEW YORK BINDING CO. has been providing Binding, Pleating, Slitting and Trimming services for Apparel, Home Furnishings & Industry.


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We feature a comprehensive selection of bindings including Folded, Bias, Straight, Cross and Rewinding.



Our pleating options include machine pleating to custom pattern pleating, handmade by experienced in house craftsmen.



Our slitting service includes Vinyl, Razor, Cameron, Bias, Cross Cut, Plastic/Vinyl, Baloney and Rewinding.



We fabricate trim as a part of your final product – services may be performed on your fabric or supplied as complete packages.


Binding, Pleating, Slitting and Trimming

In creating a new design or product the primary goal is to create something original that will sell well.

We offer custom design services to help you achieve this goal. Call us today at 718.729.2454 or use this form for a free quote.

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New York Binding, Pleating, Slitting and Trimming

At New York Binding Co. we are dedicated to serving the needle and related trades with the highest quality of service and design possible.

This website is designed to show you what we are about and how we may be of service to you.

Our trims can be found readily on comforters, sheets, pillows, towels, shower curtains, draperies, table linens, apparel, uniforms, lingerie, costumes, bridal, accessories, packaging and more. Most of these trims can be created with your fabrics and components or they may be done with ours to coordinate with your designs.

Our website represents only a small portion of our designs and trims. We look forward to working with you to help create your own unique designs.

Call us today, we’re bound to make your life easier: 718.729.2454